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Are you embarrassed by your stretch marks? Do you dread summer because you can’t find the right clothing to cover them up? Max E. Mercado, MD, Jose A. Bossbaly, MD, and the team at SkinScience and Wellness will soon have a solution to improve the appearance of your stretch marks so you no longer need to hide your skin. To learn more about the upcoming aesthetic treatments for your stretch marks, call the Philadelphia office today to schedule your free consultation.

Stretch Marks Q & A

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are scars that develop when your skin expands or shrinks too quickly. The rapid changes in your skin damage the elastin and collagen, which are the supportive proteins found in your skin. When your skin heals, the stretch marks develop.

When they first appear, your stretch marks may be itchy, and turn red or purple. They also tend to be raised and bumpy. 

Over time, your stretch marks may fade a bit and sink back into your skin. Common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Rapid growth during puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid muscle gains while bodybuilding
  • Fast weight loss
  • Fast weight gain

Not everyone develops stretch marks, but if you have them, you may try to do everything you can to hide them. The team at SkinScience and Wellness is excited that they will soon be able to help you lessen the appearance of your unsightly scars. 

What treatments can improve the look of my stretch marks?

Many methods can help improve the look of your stretch marks. Some of the approaches include:

Cream, lotions, and gels

While the research is a bit mixed on the benefits of over-the-counter creams, lotions, and gels for stretch marks, they may lessen their appearance if you start treatment soon after your scars appear. 

Prescription skin medication

Prescription skin medication may also help reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Like the over-the-counter creams, these methods work best when applied early.

Aesthetic treatments

SkinScience and Wellness is excited to soon be offering aesthetic treatments for the removal of your stretch marks. 

These treatments target the scar tissue and break it up and stimulate the production of new skin cells to replace the mark. The team is happy to share more information about their aesthetic treatments with you. 

While very popular, home remedies, such as vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil, don’t seem to help improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Can I prevent stretch marks?

Unfortunately, you may not be able to keep stretch marks from forming, especially during rapid periods of growth that are out of your control (puberty and pregnancy). 

However, researchers have found that skin products that contain hyaluronic acid may help. The team at SkinScience and Wellness can offer suggestions on what you can do to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about the treatments for removing your stretch marks, call SkinScience and Wellness today to schedule your free consultation.

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