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Wrinkles, age spots, and other skin blemishes can leave you feeling like you don’t look your best. Skin revitalization with the Icon™ laser system by Cynosure® offers healthier, younger-looking skin without surgery or downtime. Max E. Mercado, MD, Jose A. Bossbaly, MD, and the team at SkinScience and Wellness will soon be offering expert skin revitalization services to rejuvenate your skin and boost your confidence. To learn more about their state-of-the-art skin revitalization treatments, call the Philadelphia office today to schedule your free consultation.

Skin Revitalization Q & A

What is skin revitalization?

Skin revitalization is a cutting-edge, noninvasive aesthetics treatment that can improve a wide range of skin imperfections and restore your skin’s youthful complexion. SkinScience and Wellness will soon be offering skin revitalization with the Icon by Cynosure.  

What is the Icon laser?

The Icon is a revolutionary system that includes multiple treatment options. Your aesthetics specialist uses the Icon’s laser, intense pulsed light, or radiofrequency settings to deliver concentrated energy to the deep layers of your skin, without harming your skin’s surface. 

This concentrated energy breaks down skin blemishes, so your immune system can eliminate them naturally. The energy also boosts blood circulation, stimulates cell turnover, and promotes the production of new collagen, which gives your skin its strength and elasticity. 

The Icon offers striking skin rejuvenation and can dramatically reduce the appearance of many common skin concerns.

Which conditions can skin revitalization address?

Laser skin revitalization can improve visible signs of aging and blemishes. Some of the most common skin conditions that the team at SkinScience and Wellness can address include:

  • Wrinkles and lines 
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Melasma (patches of dark skin)
  • Surgical and acne scars 
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • Unwanted facial or body hair

The Icon can also address visible veins, such as spider veins that appear around your nose and chin, and varicose veins in your legs or other parts of your body.

What happens during a skin revitalization procedure?

Skin revitalization is a noninvasive procedure, so you don’t need anesthesia. During your treatment, you relax comfortably, and your specialist passes the Icon handpiece over the target area several times. You may feel a sensation like the snapping of a rubber band against your skin. Most people find the feeling tolerable.

You can return to normal activities right after your skin revitalization session. In most cases, at least three treatments are needed for optimal results. You may notice an improvement in your skin shortly after your treatment, but it can take a few weeks for full results to become visible.

To eliminate dark spots, wrinkles, facial veins, and more, schedule a free consultation for skin revitalization at SkinScience and Wellness. Call the office or book online today.

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